Farm Worker Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship

Farm Worker Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship

Farm Worker Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship

Farm Worker Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship. In recent years, farm worker jobs in Finland have garnered attention for their opportunities and unique benefits, including visa sponsorship for international workers. This comprehensive guide aims to provide all the essential information prospective farm workers need to know about finding employment in Finland’s agricultural sector.

About Farm Worker Jobs in Finland

Sponsorship Visa : Yes 

Position : Multiple

Number Of Vacancies : Multiple

Salary : $30 per hour

Education : Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School

Location : UK

Understanding the Demand for Farm Workers in Finland

Finland, known for its robust agricultural industry, experiences a consistent demand for skilled farm workers across various regions. From dairy farms in Ostrobothnia to berry farms in Lapland, each area offers specific seasonal employment opportunities that cater to different agricultural needs.

Visa Sponsorship Opportunities for International Workers

One of the most attractive aspects of farm worker jobs in Finland is the availability of visa sponsorship for international workers. The Finnish government and local agricultural enterprises often collaborate to facilitate the hiring of foreign workers, especially during peak harvesting seasons.

Types of Visas Available for Farm Workers

Seasonal Work Visa (S-Permit)

The Seasonal Work Visa, or S-Permit, is designed for individuals looking to engage in temporary agricultural work in Finland. It typically allows stays of up to six months and requires sponsorship from an accredited Finnish employer.

Extended Residence Permit

For those seeking longer-term opportunities, the Extended Residence Permit may be suitable. This permit allows individuals to reside in Finland for an extended period, often tied to continuous employment in the agricultural sector.

Essential Skills and Qualifications for Farm Workers

While specific requirements can vary based on the type of agricultural work, there are common skills and qualifications that prospective farm workers should possess:

  • Physical Fitness: Farm work often involves manual labor, so a good level of physical fitness is essential.
  • Experience: Prior experience in agriculture or related fields can be advantageous.
  • Adaptability: Ability to work in varying weather conditions and seasonal demands.
  • Language Skills: Basic proficiency in Finnish or Swedish can be beneficial, though not always mandatory.

How To Apply For Farm Worker Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship


Finding Farm Worker Jobs in Finland

Job Search Resources

Online Platforms

Utilize specialized job portals that cater to agricultural positions in Finland. Websites such as EURES and TE-palvelut offer comprehensive listings updated regularly with seasonal job openings.

Recruitment Agencies

Several recruitment agencies specialize in connecting international workers with Finnish agricultural employers. These agencies provide valuable support throughout the application and relocation process.

Networking and Direct Applications

Networking within agricultural communities in Finland can also be fruitful. Attending agricultural fairs, seminars, or joining local farm worker associations can provide direct access to job opportunities and insider information.

Living and Working Conditions for Farm Workers


Employers often provide accommodation for farm workers, especially during peak seasons. Accommodations can range from shared housing on the farm premises to nearby rental apartments.

Compensation and Benefits

Wage Rates

Wage rates for farm workers in Finland are regulated and vary depending on the specific job and location. Employers typically offer competitive wages that comply with Finnish labor laws.


In addition to wages, some employers may offer benefits such as health insurance coverage, access to recreational facilities, and transportation assistance.

Cultural and Social Integration

Cultural Considerations

Finnish culture values honesty, punctuality, and a strong work ethic. Understanding and respecting these cultural norms can contribute positively to the work environment and social interactions.

Language and Communication

While many Finns speak English fluently, learning basic Finnish phrases can enhance communication and integration within the local community and workplace.


In conclusion, farm worker jobs in Finland present exciting opportunities for international workers seeking meaningful agricultural experiences abroad. With visa sponsorship available and a strong demand for skilled labor across various agricultural sectors, Finland remains a top destination for aspiring farm workers worldwide.

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